Legal Consulting

Legal professionals may find consultations helpful when planning litigation strategies or determining the best type of mental health services to request from the court.

Individuals may find consultations helpful when dealing with a high conflict divorce dynamic. Parents who believe their children are being alienated can benefit from understanding the treatment and options available.

Understanding differences in professional licensures, training background, and forensic versus non-forensic modalities can increase the likelihood that the family receives the specific type of intervention needed to resolve the problems. 

Note of Caution: Individuals in litigation and considering use of Dr. Baker as a counselor or guardian should only consult on the advice of their attorney.

Consultation for Therapists

Dr. Baker provides consultation and supervision to therapists working with families in divorce. Consultations may include suggestions for treatment planning, interacting with attorneys, preparing for court testimony, therapeutic techniques, office policies and paperwork, and general support for dealing with high conflict family dynamics.  

"Your expertise, recommendations, and wealth of knowledge was spot on all the way through and it has not only saved and benefitted my son, but his other siblings as well." -Alienated Father, 2017