$175 Counseling (All session -55 minutes.)

$200 Consultations with legal representatives billed in quarter hour increments.

$250 Recommendations made to attorney's, clients and/or other professionals.

$200/hr  Co-parenting counseling- Joint session fee is split in half. 

$3000 Retainer- Each party pays $1500, unless Court Order states differently.

 *Guardian Ad Litem, Social Study- Pro-rated in ten minute increments.

Retainer:  $5000 

* The fee will be higher per additional person. Example: New spouse, step-children, or significant other. 

$1000   * Home Study Adoption-Uncontested - One Child

$1150 Two or three children in the family

$1500 Four or more children in the family

$250 Court Rate-per hour

$1000 One half day of court *Please refer to Court Policies on the Forms Page for details.

$2000 Full day of court. Travis County cases are only booked as a full day.

*Document Request- The fee will be determined on the size of the file. This office works on a fourteen day window for production.

*Please keep in mind that travel to other cities and extra 

family members will add to a retainer fee.

*Fees are specific according to service provided. Please read policies and procedures carefully in order to determine the fee arrangements that are applicable to each service.

*Reimbursement of retainer fees left unused will be issued within 30 days of written request to Dr. Baker. Written request may require a legal order stating that Dr. Baker’s appointment is complete.

*Sometime these services can be on-going. Services like Guardian Ad Litem and Parent Facilitation are split down the middle for all services unless a prior agreement has been noted. Please refer to the GAL policies for replenishment of account information.

Dr. Baker is no longer a provider for any insurance company.

Personal Checks, Cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express are acceptable forms of payment.