Reunification Specialist

Reunification services are provided in cases where a parent and a child

have not seen each other or had contact for a significant span of time.

The reasons for this vary:





Reunification services which require Dr. Baker to make recommendations for gradual changes to the amount of time the child spends with parent, require a legal order appointing Dr. Baker as such.

Reunification therapy/counseling will only consist of therapeutic sessions between the child and parent. Dr. Baker is not allowed to recommend changes to parenting time when serving as a counselor.

Reunification Services may consist of:

*Monitoring court ordered graduated schedule
*Supervising time between the parent and child
*Interviewing all parents and the child
*Providing parenting skills guidance and feedback
*Helping the child with their feelings
*Providing updates and information to legal counsel/the court
*Providing Family Therapy to the family  (only provided in the role of Reunification Therapist/Counselor)