International Seminar: Relation Trauma in Divorce and Separation

The Respondent Round Table: Professor Jason D. Hill, Dr. Jennifer Harman, Dr. Amy Eichler, Dr. Kelley Baker

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Legislative Educational Seminar

January 11, 2019

" Parental Alienation: What is it and How does it happen?"

Parental Alienation

This topic can be represented in a brief 45 minute presentation covering the basic signs of alienation in children, the alienating behaviors of parents, and the levels of alienation. It may also be presented in a longer format to include assessment and treatment, and the interfacing of mental health and legal professionals.

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Reunification Planning and Treatment

This presentation focuses on the options for reunification, which is based on the options for reunification, which is based on the type of family conflict occurring. A multi-modal team approach is explained. Ideas for entrenched cases are provided as well as recommendations for court orders.

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Providing Mental Health Services in Family Courts

This topic is a beginner level counselor education presentation, covering roles that mental health providers play in family law cases. In a longer presentation format, the training includes a discussion on the professional risks involved and tips on protecting oneself from ethical violations.

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Speaking Engagements

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Legislative Educational Seminar Parental Alienation: What is it and How does it happen?    2019

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European Association of Parental Alienation Practitioners (EAPAP) Conference   Speaker’s Panel 2018

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Williamson County Bar Association Spring CLS: Parental Alienation: What is it? & How does it Happen? 2018

Texas Bar CLE and Texas Chapter of AAML Advisory Panel on 

Behaviors that Sabotage the Parent-Child Relationship And What To Do About Them 2018